Reusable grocery shopping bags are ideal for shopping and travel. The bags are made from sturdy material and come in a large size, allowing you to carry heavy groceries (or anything else) conveniently.

6 Reasons You Should Switch to a Reusable Shopping Tote Now

The reusable shopping tote is an efficient alternative to plastic or paper bags. You can use a reusable shopping bag as many times as you want and never worry about throwing away plastic or paper again. Recently, the consumer demand for these bags has grown, and as a result, many companies have started producing them in various sizes and styles. One of them is Pomatree.

Here are six reasons why we think everyone should switch to reusable shopping bags today.

1. Reusable Bags Are Versatile

Big reusable shopping bags have more than one use. You can use them for shopping or for travel to pack the extra stuff that you might need. The strong bags are ideal for grocery shopping, especially when you are carrying family-size loads. Despite their size, the bags stand up on their own and do not cave in when empty, allowing you to pack shopping and other items easily.

Don’t have enough travel bags for your next trip? The reusable bags will hold your books, gym clothes, craft and knitting supplies, beach towels and snacks. They can carry huge loads and do not take up much space like suitcases.

2. Reusable Bags Save You Money

Many stores now charge customers for plastic bags. While the cost is low, perhaps a nickel or so, over time, it can add up. To cut down on costs, get yourself a reusable shopping bag that can be reused over and over. If one gets worn out, Pomatree provides two extra bags as a replacement option for the worn-out bag. Some stores offer their customers incentives for bringing in their bags.

3. Reusable Bags Save on Space at Home

Most grocery stores offer plastic bags in one size only. If you buy a lot of items on one trip, you’ll be walking out of the store with many plastic bags filled with your purchases. Reusable shopping bags that can carry up to 35 pounds not only reduce the number of bags you have to carry around but also save on space at home. One reusable shopping bag can hold the contents of about five plastic bags.

Storing a reusable shopping bag foldable is easy as 1-2-3. Fold the bag — this should take you about three seconds max. Use one of the extra bags to store all the others inside. Then, hang the bag on hooks or store in the pantry or linen closet.

4. The Reusable Bags Have Sturdy Straps That Won’t Break

Unlike the straps on plastic bags that often fray and snap under heavy loads, the heavy-duty straps on the reusable bags will not break. The straps are constructed with thick, durable fabric, and the 11-inch handles surround the bag to support the hard, removable base. To ensure that the straps stay in place, they are made of high-quality material and sewn into the bag tightly.

5. Reusable Bags Are Reliable and Last for Years

Forget about double-bagging your groceries to get them from the car to your kitchen without spilling them all over the floor. As we mentioned above, reusable shopping bags can carry up to 35 pounds of weight without tearing. No more spilled liquids or cracked eggs to clean up.

Besides being strong and reliable, reusable bags are also long-lasting. For instance, Pomatree shopping bags are made of thick fabric to ensure that the bags last for years. Each bag is made from 120 GSM-rated (grams per square meter) non-woven fabric compared to other brands that are made of 80 GSM. To handle the extra weight, the bags are held together with solid and sturdy stitches that do not come off, even under heavy loads.

6. Reusable Bags Are Safe for the Environment

On average, one person uses over 260 plastic bags every year, and if the bags are not recycled, they find their way into water systems and eventually into the sea, where they affect aquatic life and the ecosystem overall.

Paper bags are only a little better since they are biodegradable. However, to meet the demand, entire forests of trees need to be felled, ruining the local ecosystem and providing carbon dioxide disposal reservoirs.

Reusable bags are the ethical solution to reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste we create and saving our forests. Opting for the reusable shopping tote bags instead of plastic reduces the carbon print significantly.

Pomatree Green-Conscious Bags: The Replacement for Disposable Shopping Bags

The reusable shopping tote bags from Pomatree come in packs of 3. The bags are strong and durable, and the size lets you carry weighty groceries (or stuff on your next trip) without tearing due to the hard bottom supported by all-around reinforced handles. When you aren’t using them, fold them and store them for the next use.

Now that you know six reasons why you should switch to reusable shopping bags, don’t wait. Grab yourself a Pomatree reusable shopping tote today.

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